Monday, July 24, 2017

Dreams do come true

So it's been a while since I last posted here. Things have certainly changed for various ways, and especially in my career...

After all these years, I finally believe that dreams do come true. when you finally landed your dream job and everything just falls right into place....and looking back, I can certainly confirmed that it was all really planned out for me right from the beginning...

Having jumped from one company to another (for those who knows me personally), I've always questioned the reason why for such things to keep occurring to's tiring, to be honest, but nevertheless, I am truly thankful for each and every one of these episodes; the good and the bad. It has shaped me into who I am today. and it has certainly brought me to where I am today (in my career).

In short, always believe that dreams do come true but...always be aware that it will not come at the time we want, but it will always always be patient. have faith and trust in Him.

p/s: only 11 days in my new position.... hoping for the best

God bless us all. Amen.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Good Leader

What makes a good leader?

Such a generic question which many has learn to tackle...but first, what's your definition of a leader? Everyone has his or her own definition of a leader.. but i guess the basic of it is that a leader is a person who leads his or her team to finish up tasks that were given to them. In that case, anyone can be a leader...

But what makes a good leader then? what's the extraordinary trait apart from the above?

To me personally, after my 8 years of working, i get to brag that i finally know what a good leader is.  A good leader is someone who will motivate and inspire his or her team to greater heights. He or she is able to guide the team to move them to be more initiative in their given job/task. Guide here does not mean to constantly feed them with information and rules or procedures of what to do, but rather to lead them to the end goal of the task, as a back bench while the team is the one getting the job done. It is important to let the team members know of their usefulness so as to let them have a sense of belonging to the team, and not just a machine to get things done without any self worth. Therefore, the best way to guide is to reason with them. Giving instructions in the forms of reasoning, so that they are aware of the task at hand, and the importance of their role in that particular task itself.  

I've worked with a lot of leaders in my 8 years, but very rare do I come across a good leader. I have read before that what keeps an employee in a company is mainly because of the boss, and that is very true. It is always a people-people relationship which is the hardest of all to handle. You can have 1001 job/task to finish at your workplace, but none can compare to have just a hands full issues with the people you work with. And all this is very much relate-able with the leader you work with.

There's a lot in mind when it comes to characteristics of a leader, but each are very subjective traits which many may agree or disagree. Nonetheless, just be yourself. A job is just a job. We are dispensable. Most importantly, stay happy.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Need & Want

Need and Want.

Two simple terms yet defined in such a broad manner. I was first introduced to these two terms during my tertiary studies by my lecturer, which have since stuck to me till now. He always tells us to only buy what we need and not what we want...and that has led him to wear the same pair of trousers from the first day we met him till now (maybe.....). that gave a huge impact on all of us, including me, on the vast difference between the two and how it has led us in our decision making daily...God bless this man!

Lately, I came to see these two terms in a whole different the form of an organization... people often don't view human resource as an asset, but they usually are...they are the hands that work the talk and the brains that generate ideas..... and it is down to these again..the kind of person you need in your team, and the kind of person you want in your team.

Words does not mean anything if it is not furnish with the actions to support it. We may say we want certain people on the team yet our actions may always seemed otherwise. Wanting and showing that you want them and working towards that want is three different things which clearly reflects the real "wanting" of the heart/organization. But it will differ if you need the person. You will go all out to secure that need to be included in your team. Because you acknowledge the need within and fulfill that need to gain satisfaction and completing the need of the team. But.....little do people know that a person who is wanted can turn into a person who is needed when the time is right...but sad to say, those who were wanted will always remain as a want and not a need because people fail to see the real light within.

I don't know if it is a privilege or a downtrodden curse that I am experiencing both sides of the spectrum. Being the person that is wanted and the person that is needed. Nevertheless, i look at it as a blessing in disguise. Only when you have encountered the worse will you truly appreciate the opposite when the time comes. and I am thankful enough for that. To know that I am not wanted or needed here anymore. The time is up. Just sit and relax...while i still can.

God bless us all. Amen.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The human and the "smart" one.

The human and the "smart" one.

Of my years of working with various types of people from all walks of life, I finally come up with a summary of two major groups in the working force; the human and the "smart" one.

Over the years, i have discover who I really am and somehow has my own style of working, which I would be able to call "my style". This style of mine can be the trigger of revealing the human and the "smart" one around me. Allow me to define further.

The human is all about feeling. When someone is so busy with their tasks and duties, the human who is so free, would somehow start questioning his/her role when noticing his/her teammate is so busy while they are just shaking legs, waiting for time to go home, browsing social media, window shopping online, etc. When a human have the feeling of guilty, that's when they will approach the busy one to offer to help ease the burden. That's being human, because you know the purpose you are working or being paid to do work and not something else. You have the intuition deep within that I also want to learn and contribute to the company/organization. I am here for a reason.

The "smart" one is the opposite. When the "smart" one notices his/her teammate is so busy, while they are so free, they will continue to be free because to them, someone else is already doing the work so let them do it while they just reap the rewards. So the "smart" one will just continue being free although they have the means and capabilities to help, but chooses not to.

So then, i put the question to you. Look at yourself. Who do you define yourself to be? the human or the "smart" one. The choice is yours. but let me tell you who I was...i guess you already know by now.... Yes! I am not the human nor the "smart" one. i was the busy one in the team!

However you choose to be in your career, just bear in mind of the consequence of your choice. Being human will get you far but being "smart" will cause you temporary benefits only but suffer in your later years. Why? Because being human will allow you to grow a step further, to know that there is always opportunities to learn new things...and it all starts with just a little bit of initiative. knowing that you want to upgrade yourself, not for the company/organization sake, but for your own sake.
Being "smart" will gain you short term benefits, but how far can it take you? since you are only depending on the work of others while you sit and reap the benefits. People are dispensable. One day of the person who you depend on is not there anymore, you will suffer...and that is when you will learn to be human.

My take on this. Be a human. Do the right thing. Amen.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Your patience will be rewarded.

I can never agree more to that statement. How often do we wish to have the things we dream about...and when its finally in our door way, you can imagine the excitement that comes along with it.... you can say proudly, "FINALLY! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS"

It is a justification of all the years of hard work and value that you put into. All the toil, the sweat, the pain, the finally mattered.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about it. Hoping it will truly come true.

So help me, God. Amen.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

worth it?

so well.....guess its my time now....the mid-life crisis........oh the horror and the anxiety that comes with it....THE MID-LIFE CRISIS...

maybe it has been there all along, but i'm just denying the reality...and finally it surfaced...forcing me to deal with it, face-on.... often people just say it, but you never know the real deal till you are in it...and let me tell you, the struggle is real. it is as real as it can be....

so what is this crisis all about? people who knows me or work with me may not noticed this, but deep down within, the question is lingering at all times... What am I doing now? Where am I heading to? What do I want in life? it often is a career based question because that's how people often see this crisis, i meant from the generic point of view of most people...but then again, that is the core of it too... our career leads and shapes our future, of where we would be and what we would be... my career, i honestly admit, is something I am truly proud about. it takes me miles and miles to be where I am today, the hardwork, the stress, the anxiety, etc... but then again, after 8 years of all this, is it worth it? i began questioning my real i doing what i truly want? am i willing to take a ris and start all over (duno how many times i have this thought)...

it is mind is indeed a struggle...only the strong survives..

so help me God. i have yet to find the answer. Amen.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Are our emotions clearly seen on our faces or do we always wear a mask every time we leave our houses? I guess everyone do have their own individual mask(s) to wear, for every occasion. Why? all because the world hates the truth. The world despises the truth. The world is not ready for the truth. and thus, the truth is being hidden under those mask(s). 

Yes, it is truly sad that mask have to be worn in order to survive our daily lives. People around us are not ready to accept the real us, the real person within each of us. There is always an expectation of people of us. thus when the expectation is not met, sarcasm and critics will come flying around. To save us from all these daggers, a mask is often needed.

Sad it is, but that is the reality. It is a challenge to really remove the mask and to be who we are meant to be. It is difficult, I admit, and people are somewhat judgmental about it. The less we bother about all these, the more peaceful our hearts would be. 

So help me God. Amen.